About me

Hi again! My name is Miloš and I am a doctoral student at Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Economics. I study Systems Engineering and in my research I focus on investment portfolio optimization using sentiment analysis.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Computer science at Brno University of Technology. I wanted to combine my knowledge of information technologies with some other field where I could apply my skills to solve real-world problems. So I decided to apply for the Systems engineering master’s programme taught at Technical University of Ostrava.

During my studies I spent one semester at Tampere University of Technology in Finland. I kind of fell in love with Finland and later decided to apply for a PhD position at University of Helsinki. But because of certain personal and family reasons I chose to return home after 2 months.

As mentioned, the topic of my PhD research is investment portfolio optimization based on sentiment analysis. I am also interested in many other related areas such as natural language processing, machine learning, decision making, economics and finance and psychology.

During my studies I worked for an unsuccessful startup focused on sharing books and the stories people experienced with them or for a company analyzing the market of heavy machinery. Currently I collaborate with a Czech IT company Profiq, where I analyze and promote and help to improve bleeding edge technologies developed mostly by Silicon Valley startups.

My self-declared mission in life is to know more and help others to know more. That’s why I also try to improve myself as a teacher and education and research in Czech republic and Slovakia. In Finland I saw how a good university can look like and I want to bring some of this experience back home.